The Question:
from Nadia Crawford Cheryll~ You never seize to amaze me

What a beautiful gallery of photography...a window into your heart. They are all breathtaking!! You are such an inspiring Lady, you have gone through so much and done so much work and good for the world. I love all of your photography, and can't stop staring at Mother Teresa's eye's... What a blessing for you to be able to work along side such a beautiful spirit. I feel extremely blessed in getting to knowi you and being able to see all your beautiful work. Thank you for having this available. You are truly someone I look up to. <3  Previous Response:
from Cheryl A. Moseley
on July 09, 2012
 Nadia, the fact that you took the time to not only look at my website, but also write in my guest book, is deeply appreciated. Everything that is posted here is meaningful to me, and it makes me very happy that you have enjoyed some of what I want to share in life. This is my great joy. Thank you for your interest and passion. 

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