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Question   lovely and inspiring
I just came across your pictures and it was a visual treat to say the least. Of course, the people, the remote and sacred places and your camera eye that weaves it all together..Love the wide angle shots. Keep up, and may there be many more. Many blessings.

- Toby Wheeler 6/27/2007 6:19:58 AM

  Answer Wow! What a wonderful surprise and treat. Thank you. Please e-mail me at cheryl@eyeoftheworld.us

- Cheryl  M.  6/28/2007 10:42:12 PM

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Question   I knew it!
Not only did I have the opportunity of getting to know and work with you, but also gaining a new friend and sister. Thanks so much for your support. May the Lord bless you in all your dealings.

- Amanda McCready 8/2/2006 11:12:16 PM

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Question   Costa Rica
Can't wait to see Costa Rica!

- Jimmy Lewis 4/7/2006 3:36:04 PM

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Question   Hello from your distant past....
Hi Cheryl...just happened upon your web site and your beautiful pictures by accident while surfing the web. I couldn't believe it when I saw your name and then read your bio to confirm it was really you. I always knew you were someone very special and would do great things. It's been over 36 years since I last saw you in Venice when you jumped on the back of my Harley to take a ride along the ocean. With fond memories, and best wishes, a childhood friend from Kindergarten through High School.

- Ed West 7/14/2005 6:03:09 PM

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Question   your work
Martha and I have truely enjoyed your eye of the world gallery. You have captured the essence of the human spirit, across gender, age and cultural lines in each persons unique part of our beautiful planet. Thank you for encouraging us to look into this portal through your eyes.
Greg and Martha

- Greg and Martha mcdowell 5/11/2005 8:49:58 PM

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Question   Beautiful and Breathtaking Photos!
Cheryl, what a gift you have given me today---I so enjoyed these exotic places through your "eye"....thank you so much for sharing them! Now I know that I can travel anywhere through your camera! Stay in touch, your old Venice High Buddy, Toni

- Toni Garubo 12/15/2004 9:59:27 AM

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Question   WHAT AN EYE!
Through your photos, I've been given a glimpse into places I will never have the opportunity to visit. Thanks for sharing your sensitive eye and letting me join in your travels by desktop.

- Janet Kline 12/8/2004 9:15:29 PM

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Question   What a gift!

What a gift you have! Your pictures look like they were out of National Geographics Magazine. You have a special gift from God, your compassion in your work shines through!

Continue on, you have something special!

Michaela Corcoran
Re/Max By The Lake

- Michaela  Corcoran 9/3/2004 11:07:38 AM

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Question   Beautiful
Your photographs are truly breathtaking. I cannot wait to visit some of these places. Thank you!

- Leslie Taylor 8/10/2004 11:26:18 AM

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Cheryl....I have been lost in your travels through the eye of your spirit..what an incredible journey! Thank you so much for sharing these extraordinary photos with the world. I am honored to call you my friend! God Bless you always & forever. Love, Myra

- Myra  Pearce 6/19/2004 9:31:12 AM

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